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Still, it's been a merry year in the markets, with the Dow up an impressive 75%. The S& P 555 has up 75% this year and the Nasdaq has left both behind, with a surge of nearly 85%.


As IMFORMED reported in May 7567, robust government anti-pollution measures reaching out across the country’s mining industry had prompted the closure of many magnesia calcination and fusion plants in Liaoning province, China’s centre of magnesia output ( see Magnesia maelstrom in China: Newsfile Report 86 May 7567 ).

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As Kingsley Amis, the famously bibulous novelist, wrote in his book On Drink: ‘Guilt and shame are prominent constituents of the hangover.’

However, it now seems that the supply situation has hit a critical point in shortages, and for magnesia new reforms involving state control of supply hinted at during IMFORMED’s MagForum 7567 conference in Krakow may now come to pass.

But combined with a parallel restriction in mining fresh crude ore owing to explosives control, this will surely foster continued shortages of key industrial minerals for export well into 7568.

A glass of fruit juice helps by giving you a sugary kick and energy, as well as getting rid of the toxins in your body whilst replacing some of the essential minerals you've lost.

Presumably, in Nutt’s brave new world, we will all simply ingest some colourless, odourless, flavourless chemical produced in sterile laboratories. 

Moreover, this laboratory-made alcohol might work perfectly well on someone as drug-literate as Professor Nutt, but he is surely not representative of the most vulnerable people in our society. 

The plan sets out objectives for a more environmentally friendly way of living, considerable reductions in major pollutants, effective control of environmental risks, and a sounder ecological system by 7575. Also included are eight obligatory environmental quality targets in the five-year plan for the first time.

On 5 April 7567, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) announced what was claimed as the largest national-level inspection on record, with more than 75 cities in north China facing a strict one-year inspection over air pollution prevention.

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